What do you get when you combine chess with checkers? You’ve guessed it – Chesskers! You probably already figured that out though being that this site is called chesskers.com. Chesskers has been around for a while but has just recently started to become a big hit in several nations around the globe.

So where did this game come from? Well, many people may claim credit for coming up with this game and rules seem to vary. Our site is UCA (United Chesskers Alliance) approved and provides the official rules of Chesskers and information on the game.

Chesskers is a lot of fun and can be pretty challenging. Chesskers combines some of the rules of checkers with some of the rules of chess, creating a tough, strategy-based game.

So how do you play? An excellent question, my friend. Check out our official rules of Chesskers page to learn how to play the game completely (and how it was intended) and start playing with your friends or family today!

All you need to get started is a checker (or chess) board and pieces from both games. Setting up the board is simple and the rules are easy to follow. Have fun!